The future of our world depends on the three things that bound us all. Our oceans, air and love.

Anna wasn't born making all of the right decisions, but after growing in many ways over the past 2 years, we've made a choice to be a brand for the future.


Every year, more and more plastic from products and packaging ends up in the ocean and it never goes away. There is an estimate of 5.25 Trillion pieces of plastic waste in the ocean.  As a brand that has used plastic in the past, we have now become more aware of the negative impact that our products may have had. That is why in September 2018 we decided to make some changes and become part of the solution.

Here's our plan:

We are giving $10 from every sale to The Ocean Clean Up. Read more about their program to clean the ocean here.

This coming year (2019), we’re making it our mission to donate at least $50,000 towards cleaning the ocean and supporting other environmental protection activities.

We’re banning all single-use plastics from packaging. All new packaging will be designed to be multipurpose. 

All future collections will be made from upcycled eco-friendly fabrics.

We have banned single-use plastic from the workplace.



Our factories do not currently have a source of renewable energy, meaning that their energy sources create carbon emissions. This is pretty much the commonly agreed cause of climate change. We are working to find a viable solution to offset our carbon footprint by either donating toward planting trees or donating to make solar energy viable for our factories where possible.



We believe that profit shouldn't come at the expense of human dignity, that is why we insist on working with factories that follow the highest ethical standards.

Here's what we're doing about it:

All factories must follow the Anna Code of Conduct. You can download the Anna code of conduct file here.

We will conduct unscheduled inspections of our manufacturers to ensure that their treatment of staff is ethical and their waste is managed correctly. We will provide all of the small details in our annual report.

We will be transparent with all information regarding our factories. We will include business information and photos of the working environment.

We are investing in creative people who care about the world, who can help us in our mission to create an amazing future.